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We have the pleasure to introduce you to a different way of traveling and enjoying life outdoors, without limitations and without having to sacrifice comfort. Imagine escaping from the daily routine, but still accompanied by a bed and a kitchen.

The privilege to see out of your window pictures created by the nature. Enjoying the greater freedom and be connected to the outdoor world in a more sustainable way. Drink your favourite coffee bare footed feeling the grass or sand beneath. Prepare exceptional dinner for you and your travel buddies under the sky.  


Escape the limitation of the four walls, enjoy your rest away from the noisy hotels. You don’t have to pack your luggage every single day, just start the engine and take to your next adventure. 


So light, aerodynamic, and easy to tow. You only have to hook up the trailer to your vehicle, crossover, SUV or 4×4 and start rolling.


We will assist your trips and getaways, whenever and wherever you go, without complications and without effort.

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