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tips for beginners 

This Is your first trip with tourist trailer? Don't hesitate to reach us at We would love to assist!

Donn't forget that renting a trailer from us, gives you not only a trailer but provides you with all the help needed to create your perfect vacation.


Here are just a few of the basics that first-time trailer renters should know before they hit the road.

Best choice of route and place to spend the night - This is probably the most important step for newbies. If you are camping for the first time and there is no experienced buddy around you, it would be wise to go camping, in a place with the seats reserved in advance. There will always be someone to help you, or at least to ask if needed.

But if you prefer to jump into the deep water and prefer wild camping, consider the following tips:

 - the solar panels must have direct access to sunlight in order to be actively charged;

 - the soil under your tires should be stable enough, this will protect the vehicle and the trailer from sinking;

 - save your water supplies, or just camp in a place with near water source;

 - level your trailer is essential for your comfort - if you don't have the correct tool you can use your phone. There is a lot of options in any app store. 

 - trailers dimensions! If you drive a car towling trailer for first time don’t underestimate watching in the mirror often. Taking turns with the trailer must be measured carefully. It's also good to avoid small streets in the villages, otherwise you can be stuck ... It will be the best if you take your time and route your trip very carefully;

 - prepare a list with all needed before leave the town;


We from Bare Hands Society trialers would be happy to assist with additional packages for even more comfortable vacation. You are not obligated to take everything needed from your home. :) All additional packages can be seen in PRICES page;


And last but not least ... be sure that all the waste is collected and prepared to be thrown in the correct place.It's important to keep our little planet clean and to enjoy the adventure.

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