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meet Our trailers

On the road and off the beaten track

A compact trailer to escape the city without sacrificing comfort and style.

Our cross-country trailers ready for veering off the paved roads.

The increased water-tightness axle is equipped with 15” alloy wheels with all-terrain tires covered by strengthened aluminium fenders.

The outer sidewalls of the trailers are covered with weather and scratch-resistant polyurethane.

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The cabin of the BHS trailers is made from Baltic birch ply hardwood, which is globally renowned for its strength, stability and high quality. 

Plywood is stronger than and twice as resistant to sheering as an equivalent piece of regular wood. The use of water-resistant adhesives makes plywood less prone to absorb and/or release moisture.



The outer sidewalls of the trailers are covered with a weather and scratch-resistant polyurethane layer. 

As a standard, it comes in black but it is available in any color or color combination of your choice.



The fully insulated shell of the BHS trailer offers protection against rain, wind, heat and cold by keeping the internal temperature stable. 

We use dense polystyrene foam as insulation material. The cabin walls of the trailers are 42 mm thick, whereas the roof and the floor are both 68 mm thick.

The well-insulated roof not only protects you from the cold but it also minimizes external noises like heavy raindrops are hitting the cabin roof at night.

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The BHS trailer has a spacious cabin to give you an airy feeling inside and plenty of storage for your stuff.

The cabin comfortably accommodates two adults, and not only for sleeping purposes - the 3-piece mattress is foldable into a sofa, the power outlets are all in place, so you can host a great evening in if you prefer not to sneak out.


  • Inner cabin length: 1980 mm

  • Inner cabin max height: 1300 mm

  • Inner cabin width: 1360 mm

  • Overall height: 1930 mm

  • Overall length: 3810 mm

  • Overall width: 1890 mm

  • Empty weight: 450-600 kg 

  • Full weight: 750 kg

  • Actual tongue weight: 35 kg

  • Allowed tongue weight: 75 kg

  • Galvanized steel frame

  • Torsion axle by Nieper

  • Galvanized drawbar by Nieper

  • Coupling by Knott

  • 13” wheels with steel rims 

  • 15” wheels with aluminum rims and M+S tires 

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